Synergy Therapy Techniques

Crystal Healing Therapy
Crystal Healing Therapy is an ancient healing system that aids mental, spiritual and physical restoration by drawing out negative energy from the body. A custom selection of crystals are selected based on the needs of the client
Yoga consists of breath control, simple meditation and specific body postures for health and relaxation
Mindset Meditation
is a guided meditation and deep state of peace and relaxation that occurs when the mind is calm and silent which aids in assisting the client to accomplish specific healing and goals
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the selection of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils to assist the client with eradicating and balancing specific ailments within the body or environment
Holy Fire Reiki
pronounced RAY-KEY is a refined ancient Japanese technique for stress reduction, relaxation and aid in healing the body by channeling universal life-force energy (chi) into the body by the practitioner. Reiki is an excellent modality to assist with balancing the chakra system
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Demands of work and family has led to more people experiencing high levels of stress that affect their progress in other areas of daily life. More than 40% of Americans say they feel more stressed than they did 5 years ago, according to data from the American Institute of stress. The data also show that only 36.8% managers and 29% business owners feel satisfied with their work-life balance.


Stress is the basic cause of human illness and disease, and failure to achieve this balance can fuel consistently high stress levels. Therefore, controlling stress triggers is critical to maintaining overall health.


Synergy therapy incorporates a concept of harnessing the connection between the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual areas of life to promote self-healing, empowerment and personal growth. When life is out of balance, people can feel overwhelmed, stressed, or tired, as well as experience health problems as a result. Using synergy therapy, you can identify which of these areas are out of balance and reestablish the connection to achieve a sense of empowerment to move forward. 

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I absolutely love her!! She's help me to find balance in my hectic schedule. I now understand how important it is to be mindful and take better care of myself.

Connie R

Atlanta, GA

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Yoga consists of breath control, simple meditation and specific body postures for health and relaxation