A transformational guide to unlocking your power for living your best life. 

We are designed to live a life enriched with good health, inner peace and prosperity. When our lives are not in direct alignment with God's plan and purpose, pieces of our lives can begin to feel burdensome. Sylvia The Green Goddess shares 21 keys to lift the weight of the world and unlock the power that resides within. Sylvia shares her personal journey and a step by step guide to help you get in the flow and design your best life. 

Drawing from her late grandmothers wisdom, personal faith, and entrepreneurial experience, Sylvia The Green Goddess guides you on your own personal journey to inner peace, bliss and fulfillment by sharing 21 Keys of wisdom, wellness, and wealth, such as:

-Create your own definition of success
-The healing power of forgiveness and how to do it
-Cutting and releasing soul ties
-Discovering your bliss and how to stay there
-Step by step detox for your mind, body, spirit, and environment
-The ascension process and the rebirth of a new you  

It's Not Luck is the ultimate guide to healing and ascending to the best version of yourself. The Soul Sisters Evolving community is waiting for you to join the journey to a higher level of consciousness.

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    • About Sylvia The Green Goddess 


      Sylvia is a fourth generation healer, she appreciates sharing the gift of physical and spiritual healing and is a second generation beauty professional of which she inherited her gifts of beauty and fashion. The Green Goddess has created a mix of passion and purpose to create the ultimate work-life balance experience within Green Goddess Beauty and Wellness, an eco chic beauty and wellness studio. Sylvia The Green Goddess is passionate about authentic beauty and wellness solutions and feels obliged to help others to connect with the eco chic goddess that resides within, live healthier lives and boost their overall confidence. 

      As a trail blazing entrepreneur for the past 15 plus years, Sylvia was awarded Entrepreneur of The Year in 2015. She has worked with numerous prestigious clients, politicians and entertainers such as Chilli from TLC and Tamyra Gray from American Idol. Over the years, her entrepreneurial successes have been featured in numerous articles and media. Sylvia continues to strive to new heights daily by serving as a leader and advocate for health, wellness and beauty within her business ventures and her community

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