Beauty & Style Tips

Hair care 

  • Always cover hair tresses with a satin material scarf, wrap or bonnet or sleep on a satin pillow case. This will protect hair from harsh fabrics such as cotton, which tends to drain the hair of moisture

  • Do not flatiron or blow-dry more than 2-3 times a week. Keeping your hair free from heat abuse will preserve the integrity of your hair. If you must, be sure to use a flatiron with ceramic or titanium plates; they help to seal moisture in the hair; unlike coated flatirons that fry your hair from the inside out.

  • For short & medium length hair styles, a great cut can make your life a lot easier. You should be able to maintain your cut weather it’s curled or not, an excellent precision cut can be styled several different ways and should fall into place with little maintenance. Be sure that you are being taken care of by a master stylist who specializes in designer haircuts. This person should be able to educate you on appropriate styles and cuts based on your hair texture, facial shape as well as how to care for your new look

  • Hair extensions are an excellent choice when you want to transition from short to long or if you just want a change. The key is that you should wear extensions because you want to, not because you need to. Taking care of your live hair is imperative in between extension services; don’t forget to get a protein treatment  to help reconstruct the hair and a trim

  • Hair color can cause your hair to become extremely dry and brittle if not cared for properly. If you are thinking about hair color, the two words that you need to keep in mind are “Trim” and “Moisturize”. It really is that simple to have amazing hair with color. 

Makeup tips 

  • Cleanse, tone and moisturize daily

  • Pressed powder or cream to powder foundation is a quick fix for shine

  • Well groomed eyebrows are a small investment with a great return. Brows with a nice clean arch work wonders on any face

  • Gloss it up

  • Neutral eye shadow shades are perfect for daytime looks, while shimmer and dark shades are more appropriate for night time looks

  • Eyebrow pencil to fill in scarce hairs; MAC self propelling eyebrow pencil is an excellent choice

  • Don’t forget to make those peepers pop with a little mascara  


Fit is key, there are about six different body types and shapes. Depending on the designer their clothing is constructed to fit only one of the body types. That’s why certain jeans fit extremely well on you, while others in the same size will not. If you know your body type and shape, this will make buying clothes that fit a lot easier. When you know what color, styles, fabrics and shapes look great on you, you'll feel a lot better about getting dressed.


Handbags: What lovely accessories they make for ladies; however there is a secret to wearing them well. Proportion is key. For example a lady who is short and slender will look off balance by carrying a large, wide handbag


Shoes: As with handbags, proportion is key. In proper pairing with any outfit shoes can make or break your ensemble. The idea is to create the illusion of balance and enhance your assets. For example; it’s very important that the length of your heels is congruent with your pants or jeans.


Accessories: Investing in quality jewelry will be worth every penny. Skip the costume jewelry and invest in items that hold their worth and value. Plus they look fabulous. Every time you look at them you should feel great about your purchase.


If you are purchasing costume jewelry, be certain that the quality and price match up. Some pieces are overpriced based on the demand for them


Manicures and pedicures, a well manicured hand can do wonders for your image. In business this is a must. Pedicures are mandatory in the spring and summer months

Shopping Tips 

1. Always do a closet analysis before your shopping excursion. Take note of what you already have and what items are needed to complete your wardrobe, this will keep you from falling prey to SALES and over splurging on unnecessary items


2. Be sure that you feel your best, nothing wears you out and ruins a shopping trip more than if your mood is off or you aren*t feeling well. (Your bound to either dislike everything you try on or overspend)


3. Find the perfect shopping buddy that will be honest with you 


4. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes


5. Buy items that fit perfectly, the idea is to purchase articles of clothing that flatter body parts that you love and distract from the places you want to cover up


6.  Invest in classic, basic items in basic colors ( you will wear them more often than trendy items that will go out of style with the season, build off of your basics then get into colors)


7. Buy classic items during off seasons to save money, i.e., buy winter items at the end of the season and summer items at the end of the summer season


8. Limit your trendy purchases to no more than 10% per season, this will reduce or eliminate the quote  *I don*t have anything to wear* 


9. Don*t forget your accessories, they help bring everything together; shop for them the same way that you shop for clothes (invest in classics, i.e., sterling silver or gold and then incorporate color)


10. Only shop with cash or your debit card, this will protect you from creating more debt and you will feel fantabulous about your shopping trip  

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